Add an extra touch to your sailing holiday


With access to the most extensive selection of boats worldwide, you’ll be matched to perfect yacht because your Sail Bites Charter Expert knows each one. Once you have the best boat we offer you some unique experience on board. You won’t find it anywhere else: a gourmet tour with a skipper\chef\sommelier, an apnea academy on board, a fishing adventure, a yoga dream. Contact us today to get a current price for hiring our sailing professionists. Feel free to ask us any additional questions!

This is the type of sailing holiday that is the most relaxing and where you can simply let go and let the crew makes you happy. At the same time you have an extra dimension that gives an extra flavour to your holiday!
When hiring our crew members for your sailing holiday, you receive also the advantage of seeing all the finest spots and the best ports. To sail with the crew gives you even more choice – you and your friends can actively participate in the sailing or just relax and enjoy.

SAIL with the chef

Explore your favourite part of Med sea on a beautiful boat: our legendary skipper-chef will cook for you and make you discover all the best products of the area. Wine tastings and cooking lessons if you like!

sail & free diving

An apnea academy training during your sailing trip. Breathing and relaxation techniques from theory to practice. Just drop the anchor in a beautiful spot and dive! Lucky you if your skipper/diver knows also how to fish...


Your skipper on board will share with you all secrets about fishing: hand gathering, spearfishing, diving, angling, line fishing, trapping. A stunning experience from the sea to the table (every fisherman knows hot to cook)!

*new! SAIL & YOGA

A meeting with the eternal flow of excursion to connect with the life-giving energy wich runs in all creatures, accompanied by yoga excersises and a salute to the (amazing) sun. Yoga & sail is the definitive marriage!

all inclusive: food & sports

A Crewed yacht charter delivers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private Sail catamaran. Complete with high level skipper and cook, your group of up to 6 will enjoy spacious accommodations and a premium, personalized yacht charter experience.

SB yacht delivery

We are a group of RYA\MCA qualified skipper ready to deliver your vessel from\to any port at a straight price in a professional manner. If you feel we could help with any aspect of your boating plans please get in touch by whatsapp, phone or email.


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