Apnea Academy

Enjoy the experience to dive wherever you decide to drop the anchor. Either you are in crystal white water or in the deep blue. Your choice! Your skipper on board will be also an apnea instructor. He will follow you at any level you’ll decide to aim. Fishing could be a nice corollary!

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SSI Dive Certification

Are you in love with the Med sea? Are you interested in experiencing the enchantment of crystal water using only your fin kicks and a single breath? Then let SSI introduce you to the captivating wonder that only comes with freediving. Scuba Schools International (SSI) is an organization that teaches the skills involved in scuba diving and freediving, and supports dive businesses and resorts. SSI has over 2,500 authorized dealers, 35 regional centers, and offices all over the world. Immerse yourself into a personal challenge, be suspended in exhilarating action, or settle into the calm and peaceful rhythms of the Med sea. Our skipper instructor will prepare you for the Sailing Freediving SSI Experience. Equipment is on board! Chat with us to have a quote.

Chill And Dive

Just enjoy every single moment with no pressure. Through free diving, using the right equipment (available on board), you can immerse yourself in the Med sea and explore breathtaking environments, easily and safely. Free diving is not only a sport, it is more about lifestyle, allowing you to hold your breath as long as possible underwater and experience marine life in all its magnificent forms and diversity. During a stunning sailing holiday, a professional free diver will drive you to reach inner peace and have a close relationship with the explored marine world.
Skipper/Instructor Fee: starting from 1900€ per week (plus boat)

"Put simply, freediving is not just about going under water and holding your breath. Freediving is a very active move towards self-awareness and discovery. It involves pushing physical limits and overcoming mental barriers in order to achieve a personal goal. I assure you that holding your breath for longer than you thought you could is a life-changing experience. Once you break down those self-limiting walls you become a force to be reckoned with; a stronger individual determined to get the best out of life in every way.."
Mark Finley
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